Non Chemical Based Water Treatment
  • Molecular Transducer for scale removal and prevention of corrosion in heat exchanger tubes
  • Bio Disinfectant generator for prevention of Biofilm in industrial cooling tower

The Problem

River water or ground water is used as a medium for cooling the steam in condenser of all land based large thermal power plants. The thermal power plant sector has undergone lot of technology upgradations in recent times to comply with environmental norms. But still, it faces challenges in managing the plant specific water consumption less than 3.5m3/MWhr, the condensers without scale, biofilms, corrosions and also operating the cooling water system with high COC (above 7). This causes considerable stress to environment due to the extraction of huge amount of fresh water and usage of huge amount of chemicals to operate in high COC.

To be precise operating the thermal power plant condensers to its highest efficiency and cooling water system with high COC without usage of any harmful chemicals, with a very minimal environmental impact is a great challenge today.

Present Practise

A conventional water treatment system being followed in present day scenarios are

  • Dumping huge amount of anti scalant chemicals, anti corrosion chemicals and conventional chlorine based compounds for preventing biofilm formation.
  • Reducing the fresh water TDS as well as treating the blowdown water, by using softener plants or huge industrial RO system.

Disadvantage of Present Practise

  • Can be operated only with restricted level of TDS and hardness in cooling water circuit
  • Huge amount of chemicals and consumables are used throughout the life time of power plant thereby incurring recurring and increasing operational cost
  • Also COC cannot be increased above a certain limit
  • There is no guarantee on scale inhibition in condenser tubes
  • Frequent checks and cleaning of condenser tubes needed to operate the system at high efficiency, leading to plant downtime
  • Disposing of blowdown water with chemicals pose a major threat to the environment, which may be carcinogenic in some cases.

Our Solutions

We, at PSK INFRACONTRACT PVT LTD along with IIT-Madras, researched and developed a unique technology which physically changes the structures of scale forming ions present in cooling water, thereby preventing the scale formation and corrosion inside the condenser tubes.

The technology involves installation of

  • molecular convertor system: It is a online tube fitted in cooling water main tubes after CW pump. Once the water passes through the molecular convertor system, the scale forming ions gets changed structurally from three dimensional calcite hard forming structure to two dimensional loose aragonite structures.
  • Bio Disinfectant Generator: It is a organically produced powerful super oxidised water which prevents any form of biofouling inside the condenser tubes. It uses edible salt and plant’s make up water as raw material to produce this environmental friendly disinfectant solution.

Client Benefit

The technology provides a permanent solution for operating the cooling water systems with high COC, without formation of any scales or corrosion or biofilms. This leads to

  • Direct monetary benefit of higher heat transfer efficiency in condensers which leads to overall power plant efficiency improvement
  • Nil operating and consumable cost through out its life time
  • Huge savings in water consumption thereby complying by MoEF norms for power plant specific water consumption of 3.5m3/MWhr.
  • Direct environmental benefit since non usage of any harmful chemicals through its lifetime.

Exclusive Advantage

Criteria PSK technology
  • no moving parts
  • Less number of components
  • Permanent Magnet technology
  • Least maintenance restricted to visual checks during power plant maintnaence time
  • No operational raw material
Space Requirement
  • Minimum and will be inline with the cooling water tubes
Power Requirement
  • Nil power required since it is a permanent magnet
Life Span
  • · 25 years with full operating conditions
  • No safety hazards as there are no chemicals being used in the system
  • Less than 1% degradation for every 10 years

We, PSK Infracontract Pvt Ltd, with our manufacturing unit in Chennai, to offer technological solutions for our Indian power sector, under MAKE IN INDIA program. Through our state of the art manufacturing unit and dedicated tie-up with IIT-M, our solutions provided shall be customised to the specific power plant conditions. We also commit to provide complete operational support for the offered solution throughout its life time.